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Blue cheese: what is and how it is combined

Italy can boast a long tradition of blue cheeses, blue cheeses made using refined techniques and using strictly local ingredients. Gorgonzola is among the best known in our country and in the world, but there are dairies capable of realizing pearls of taste, unique and original, refined and elegant.

What is Blue Cheese: the Bluedessert Line
The Bluedessert products made by the Brema dairy, sons of a long tradition, are local cheeses aged and of the highest quality, obtained from cow’s milk fed in summer pastures. Blue cheeses refined with herbs and flowers, with berries, balsamic vinegar and extra-dark chocolate.

The refiners are able to create real “muffate pearls” un ique in their kind, rare and precious, with a pronounced and elegant taste. The great attention to the ingredients used in the processing is guaranteed: only local products, coming from Dolomites.

Blue cheese and wine pairing
The most classic choice is oriented towards soft red wines, specifically for the most widespread products known as Gorgonzola. The uniqueness of the Bluedessert line, however, requires research into more innovative and romantic wines, which can guarantee an interesting effect by mixing sweetness and softness. The combination of blue cheese and slightly sweet wines is highly recommended when (as in this case) the dairy products can be served as a French dessert.

Brema Dairy and territory
The Brema dairy is a healthy bearer of the Venetian tradition and produces award-winning cheeses that can be purchased in the official e-Commerce and in all the physical outlets of Belluno, Pedavena and Santa Giustina Bellunese. In addition to blue cheese, it offers top products such as Morlacco del Grappa, whose name recalls the passage in the 1400s of the nomadic Morlacchi shepherds. Also, recommended is Tull, a delicate and clean floral crust cheese.