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Bluedessert: online with the new e-Commerce of erborinated cheeses

Bluedessert: online with the new e-Commerce of erborinated cheeses

Brema dairy launches the new e-commerce of blue cheeses. We carry on the long tradition of local production of the highest quality, adding our online store to our sales network.


Processing and tradition

We use hight quality territorial products and refined techniques thanks to the long tradition. The dairy technique allows the development of molds in the cheese dough, with the consequent appearance of characteristic Blue-green streaks and patches. The ingredients used are strictly local and the processing methods remain unchanged over time. A combination that allows us to offer unique products in the world, rare and precious, with a refined and elegant taste.


Award-winning blue cheeses

Our goals is to make the finding of Bluedessert products more accessible and to spread as much as possible our tradition of award-winning local cheeses, obtained from cow’s milk fed in summer pastures. The Bluedessert line offers blue cheeses refined with herbs and flowers, with berries, balsamic vinegar and extra-dark chocolate.


Awards of our cheeses

The national organization of cheese tasters (ONAF) has given to Brema dairy three awards of excellence and quality, including over 230 dairy cheeses from all over Italy and abroad: the plate of productive excellence went to the After, the category “Superior Quality” with the “Bluedessert” (wild berry) and the “Quality” award with that of herbs and flowers.


After, production excellence award – The blue-veined goat’s milk cheese is one of a kind. Creamy, soft and with a crispy crust, it stands out for its “crunch” at the first cut. Among the raw materials the artisan dark chocolate 80% quality.


Bluedessert berries, Super Quality Award – Its hallmark is the fruity aroma, able to guarantee a unique and appetizing taste. The crust is covered with berries, the dough is soft and fruity fragrance, the taste is sweet and enveloping.


Bluedessert herbs and flowers, Quality Award – Flowers and aromatic herbs from the Dolomites characterize this cheese, giving the product an appearance and an intense, delicate and fresh flavor. The herbs and flowers used are dried and processed.


Our Blue cheeses in Italy and in the world

The Bluedessert e-Commerce wants to be a reference point for hight quality blue cheeses. A service of excellence for fast shipments in Italy and abroad, with resistant and guaranteed packaging and transport methods. Customer satisfaction and the enhancement of local products are our primary objectives.