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Our refines, thanks to their vast knowledge and the use of quality local products, give life to unique “muffate pearls”, like our Bluedessert cheese; this technique allows us to obtain a product of the highest quality, rare and valuable, with a pronounced and elegant taste. Bluedessert for restaurateurs is a certainty, because the selection of cheeses and the methods of aging remain unchanged over time. The dairy pays great attention to the ingredients used in the processing: local products coming from our Dolomites.

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Bluedessert is a blue and matured blue cheese that combines sweet and savory in a perfect combination. The fine milk is transformed into “blue” cheeses, a dairy technique that allows the development of molds in the cheese dough with the consequent appearance of characteristic blue-green streaks and patches. The base of our blue cheeses is cow’s milk or goat’s milk.

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