Bluedessert cow’s milk – herbs and flowers

Bluedessert cow’s milk – herbs and flowers


AOC cow’s milk blue cheese.
This Bluedessert is dusted with aromatic flowers and herbs from our Dolomites which give it its unique, delicate and fresh appearance and flavour. This cheese is flavoursome, fresh and intense to the palate; the herbs and flowers used are first dried and then transformed into a high-quality edible product.


Ingredients: pasteurized cow milk 97,44%, salt 2,5%, rennet 0,04%, calcium chloride 0,02%, lactic ferments 0,008%,
Penicillium 0,001%.
Allergens: milk and milk products (including lactose and milk proteins)
M.G.S.S.: 50%
Minimum seasoning: 30 to 40 days
Origin: France

Store maximum at + 8°

Net weight 2,5 kg – Diameter 210 mm and 90 mm hell.

NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION – Average values for 100gr

Energy Fats Carbohydrates Protein Fiber Salt
1410kJ/340kcal 28g of which AG saturated: 20g 1g of which sugar: 0.5g 21g 0.5g 2.6g


Escherichia coli: m=10.000; M=100.000
Staphylococcus aereus/g: m=100; M=1000
Monocitogenic Lists/25g: assente n=5, c=0
Salmonella/25g: absent n=5, c=0

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