Bluedessert goat’s milk – After

Bluedessert goat’s milk – After


AOC goat’s milk blue cheese.
Bluedessert After with its creamy and soft texture and crispy rind is characterised by a “crunchy” noise when you first cut it. A quality artisanal 80% dark chocolate is used for its ripening, coming from one type of cocoa only.


ingredients: pasteurized goat’s milk, salt, coagulant enzyme, lactic ferments of which Penicillium Roquefort.
Allergens: milk and milk products.
OMG: absente
M.G.S.S.: 45%
Origin: France

Store between + 2° and + 6 °

Net weight 2,5 kg. – diameter 20 cm and 8 cm barefoot

NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION – Average values for 100gr

Energy Fats Carbohydrates Protein Salt
1328kJ/320kcal 25g of which AG saturated: 16g 1,8g of which sugar: 0g 22g 1,1g


Staphylococcus aereus: < 1000 UCF/g
Salmonella: absence in 25g

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