Via Fenadora, 10 - 32030 Fonzaso (BL)

Who we are

A history of passion and tradition

The Bluedessert products are produced by Brema dairy, which continues the tradition by producing and maturing local cheeses obtained from cows’ milk fed in summer pastures, which can be purchased in all BREMA stores in Belluno, Pedavena and Santa Giustina Bellunese.
Among the blue cheeses stands the Bluedessert line, blue cheeses refined with herbs and flowers, with berries, balsamic vinegar and extra-dark chocolate. The raw materials for refining are absolute quality and locally sourced.

A history of

Brema s.r.l. began its activity in the field of transport in 2006 and in a few years has become a solid and well established company, one of the most important in the Feltre area: it employs almost 100 people with permanent contract.
Starting from the headquarters and warehouse located in the industrial area of Fonzaso, Brema s.r.l. not only has extended its transport activities in the district, but has also expanded the type of work, entering strongly in the field of marketing of food products, with a line of products for supermarkets and pizzerias.


T.O. BREMA s.r.l. is certified UNI EN ISO 9001, which represents the reference standard at international level for the Quality Management System (QMS). But not only. It is the passion we put into our work and the desire to continuously improve ourselves that has allowed us and will allow us to achieve great results.


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